• Behind the Seams of "In The Sac"

    Behind the Seams of "In The Sac"

    Meet The Designer - Belinda Gallo

    When looking for a linen supplier Ange & I were committed to finding a company that was passionate about style and quality. So we were thrilled when we were introduced to Belinda Gallo from In The Sac. Here is Belinda’s story….

    “Pillow talk with co-founder and designer, of In The Sac, Belinda Gallo about her Life of Linen “

    In the Sac has been leading the linen market for over 7 years. They have become known for their 100% pure linen Sac sets. Heralded as one of the most esteemed bedlinen brands in the world, the collection is made from 100% all natural linen which has been grown in the Netherlands. The company started with white bedding initially and as a way to make mums looking for quality bed sets for their children and has now shifted to extend their offerings to adults making high quality products easily accessible.

    Little Bit of Love in Linen

    Right from the start, In the Sac was a love story. Founders, Belinda and David met through their previous jobs where together they explored the world extensively, traveling around the globe to source the latest trends and bring the latest textiles to the Australian Fashion industry. After years of working alongside each other Belinda identified a gap in the market and wanted to explore the world of bed linen and design. Serendipitously they met with the growers of Flax (otherwise known as the plant of linen) and were later introduced to spinners and weavers and soon later opened up a company that specifically concentrates on bed linen.

    Belinda says, ‘linen isn’t just linen,’ there are different weights of linens and the climate has much to do with the quality of the product.


    Belinda regularly travels to Europe to find inspiration. The current trend is a concentration of European Jacquards fabrics and textures , jewel colours and texture; with heavy use of linens, waffles and cover combined with textured fibres in the bedroom.

    Nowadays, Australians are wanting to avoid the feeling of their bedrooms being cold and sterile and turning to warmer colours, layers and textures. Bedrooms are becoming a little more adventurous with colour combinations favouring jungle green back with dark charcoal .

    Belinda creates with the conservative customer in mind and then adds a little of dimension with different colour choices: ‘with colour you know what’s going to be commercially accessible- greys, dark charcoal, soft baby pink and baby blues for kids and highlights in colours in beiges and whites.’

    Even the look of Australian styling and ad campaigns have a sensibility of being untamed with an almost ‘slept in’ look and feel.

    What makes Belinda jump out of bed each day?

    Positive feedback from customers is one of her motivators. I find inspiration in knowing that what we have created is loved by all sleepy heads around the world. She also loves her daily craft of working with textiles that have beautiful natural fibre.

    Where do you see yourself/ and the direction of the brand going?

    We’re seeing much demand coming from the States and so we’re in the preliminary stages of expanding overseas. It’s a really exciting time for us.

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