• The Healing Properties of Linen..... Why Linen is the BEST fabric to sleep in Winter & Summer!

    The Healing Properties of Linen.....  Why Linen is the BEST fabric to sleep in Winter & Summer!

    Ok, we have to confess we did not know all about Linen and it’s amazing qualities until we were educated by founder of In The Sac (our Bed Linen supplier) – Belinda Gallo.

     We knew we loved the quality of her linen and how it looked and felt – but didn’t know the facts and science behind it!

    As it turns out we’ve learnt that Linen is nature’s gift… it is as simple, intriguing and beautiful as the nature herself.

    It feels even better to sleep on linen…. In fact there is no better sleep than sleeping on linen.

    It is cool in summer, cosy and warm in winter and skin friendly all year around.

    The secret of its popularity lies in the unique and highly valuable qualities of linen fabric. It is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. It’s a fabric that’s been used for thousands of years, in fact the ancient Egyptians first started using it for clothing and bedding. The linen was also used to wrap the pharaoh mummies and the linen clothes were used as a symbol of “purity and light”.

    Linen is perfect for bedding and clothing as it is considered to be able to regulate body temperature by regulating sin-air head exchange. Linen absorbs moisture and releases it quickly. It dries quickly so linen fabric doesn’t stick to the body. Linen allows air to pass through it easily so that skin can “breathe”.

    One of the other amazing things about linen is that it doesn’t create allergic reactions like other fabrics as it doesn’t create static. In fact, even having a small amount of linen in a fabric of around 10% removes the possibility of static on the fabric.

    Linen is also is a natural antiseptic. It possesses rare bacteriological properties that does not allow bacteria or fungus to live it it. It is actually reduces inflammation which is why it’s often used when dressing wounds.

    The more linen is washed the softer it becomes too and it is has spectacular durability and long life!

    There are many more amazing things that linen has to offer – and when it comes to bed linen – you just can’t go wrong.

    Our bed linen range by In The Sac is made from the highest quality of linen. In fact, Belinda has met with and sourced where her flax comes from and has met with the spinners and weavers to ensure In The Sac bed linen is made from the highest quality of linen.

    So, if you want to get a better nights sleep and feel the luxurious and healing qualities of linen have a look at our gorgeous range of In The Sac bed linen.



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