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“What’s the secret to creating that look for your home you just love? Confidence and patience.”

We know it’s not what you thought is it?

You probably thought we were going to say the inner channelling of Shaynna Blaze, the deep pockets of a Packer or the innate style of Cate Blanchett.

And sure, admittedly some of these attributes could come in handy.

But simply to create a home sanctuary that rocks your world – you need:

  • The CONFIDENCE to know what you love, and to buy what gives you the warm fuzzies (You know just like “that outfit” that makes you strut with that “I got this” million-dollar attitude)
  • And the PATIENCE to find that perfect piece with no compromising until you have found “The One” (Just like George and Amal)


We know life is busy and time is pressing so your ability to leisurely trawl through homewares stores is probably pretty limited.

But that’s where we come in handy - we love doing it so much we made it our job (crafty aren’t we!).

Now we spend our time unearthing little known designers and seeking out quality and unique homewares we think you’ll love (because we love them too!)

In fact, we’re continually updating our website with new finds we’re confident you’ll find your “WOW” statement piece with us.  (In fact, if you’re seeking out something in particular let us know and we’ll start the search!)


Now once you’ve found your statement piece, it’s time to start building the room around it.

And it’s here you’re probably wishing for an interior design queen to miraculously appear before you and with a swish and a swirl transform your room.

Well, let us grab our tiaras and come on over because we’ve got a styling service where we in person – or over skype - will consult with you to get the look you want.
(Better yet our consultation fee automatically gives you credit to our store to the same amount!)


We’re Ange and Tam. We are the “AT” in AT Home Style.

We bonded over a love of interior design, shopping and a weakness for French champagne.

Essentially for our friends we became the “go to women” to help shop for that statement piece or redesign a room.

A request so often received it naturally evolved to establishing AT Home Style.

Now we use our styling talents honed over years of professional experience (Ange’s from years of fitting out corporate suites and Tam’s extensive background in real estate) and the thousands of hours spent on personal shopping sprees!

Together, we’re an indominable styling force that can pick quality at a 100 paces, unearth designer gems and drape a throw rug a thousand ways.

In short, we’re your go-to ‘Style Friends’. 

The Interior Design Times & Confessions of Ange



      • I have such a weakness for vintage posters – I have one in my hallway, one in my lounge, one in my bedroom and even one in the garage!
              • I made my family sit on Bunning’s plastic foldout chairs around my custom-made dining table for four months before I found the perfect dining chairs to match
              • My favourite room is my 1970’s themed room complete with emerald green velvet couch, Slim Aaron image, antique surveyors lamp and vintage mirror. It's my personal homage to Mad Men and Don Draper. 





The Interior Design Times & Confessions of Tam

      • I’ve got a cushion obsession that rivals Imelda Marcos’s shoe fetish
      • I extended the wait for a new couch by months as I commissioned a bespoke fabric in blue I couldn’t find anywhere else
      • I could idle away days - I mean spend time in in-depth research - flipping through interior design magazines for inspiration
      • My favourite room is the “good room” a work in progress (and intended recipient of the blue couch) that has become my sanctuary for flipping through magazines or drinking red wine on winter nights (summer ones too!)


Let us help you create the look you love with our statement pieces and styling advice.  Let us become your ‘go to’ friends of style.         

Ange and Tam xx 

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