• Why Nesting Tables are Such a Design Sensation

    Why Nesting Tables are Such a Design Sensation

    There’s nothing static or boring about nesting tables. Designed with mobility in mind, they can be arranged in an endless variety of functional and stylish configurations. Because they’re available in so many materials—wood, acrylic, stainless steel—there’s a look to match every design mood.

    Centre Stage

    Nesting tables aren’t necessarily shrinking violets. In a living room, you might create a chic, multitiered coffee table by placing a trio of tables side by side. And since they’re lightweight, it’s easy to clear them from the middle of the room and scatter them around when you’re entertaining.

    Overnight Sensation

    Give your bedroom a touch of sophistication and elegance by replacing your nightstand with a set of nesting tables. You can change up their positioning as needed and use them to display some of your favorite things while keeping your room calm and uncluttered. 

    Great Outdoors

    Nesting tables can be a flattering counterpart to patio furniture. Look for a set made of rattan, bamboo, or any other material that complements that kicked-back alfresco atmosphere. 

    Mix and Match

    Simple, clean-lined nesting tables can be graceful companions to a contemporary full-size table—even one with a different finish. The effect is a series of stepped planes that keep your eye moving and provide a harmonious transition from one space to the next.

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