• Warming up your home for winter

    Styling to warm your home with Angie.

    We are deep into winter here in Melbourne and there’s nothing better for getting through these long, cold winter nights than having a warm and cosy place to curl up with your loved ones.

    Adding a bit of warmth to your living room or bedroom isn’t difficult and doesn’t require dramatic changes, such as building a fireplace if you don’t already have one. We have a few simple tips to add some winter warmth to your home, without doing a remodel.

    Last weekend we went to the Decor and Design Show in Melbourne and found some amazing pieces you can add to a room to make it feel warmer. Here are our tips for using these pieces to keep the cold at bay.

    1. Artwork – This might not be the most obvious choice, but adding a piece of art with warm, bright colours can change the feel or mood of a room. For instance, the amazing art from Beth Mitchell that will be arriving in the store very soon might be just what you need to lend some vibrancy and warmth to your living areas. Visit us in store to see the complete catalogue available.
    1. Floor rugs – Hardwood or tile flooring can be chilly, so consider adding a beautiful, luxurious rug to keep your feet warm. Choose something in rich colours for maximum warming effect. 
    1. Throws and blankets – Curling up on the couch with a soft, thick throw or blanket is the best way to watch a movie in winter. Just add some popcorn and a glass of red wine and you’ll soon forget it’s winter outside.
    1. Cushions – These can add personality, texture and colour to your couch, but they also provide comfort and warmth. Sinking into a couch filled with fluffy, soft cushions feels decadent and cosy.           
    1. Lamps – Firstly, change all the bulbs in your lamps to warm yellow globes rather than surrounding yourself with cold white light. Mood lighting in the form of lamps and candles can ensure you’re whiling away the winter in a warming glow, rather than under harsh fluorescents.

    A few simple changes and additions to your styling choices can transform a room from cold and unwelcoming to warm and cosy. Investing in a few quality pieces like these can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your winter hibernation.


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