• Trend Alert: Cowhide goes wild!

    Trend Alert: Cowhide goes wild!

    The trend that is cool, modern and classic all rolled into one.

    Okay, okay we know…cowhide is not a new interior design trend but it certainly is such an enduring one that it deserves us raving about it!

    We are wild about the stylish, luxurious and visual impact cowhide can really make in a room.

    Whatever form it comes in – a cowhide rug, a cowhide cushion, a cowhide chair – it is undoubtedly a chic and modern addition that has real staying power (which means that it’s a great investment!)

    Not only can it work in any interior design style - modern, rustic, traditional - but it can also bring a really individuality to lounge room, bedroom or even a nursery.

    Each cowhide rug is individual in nature, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and are basically really versatile in usage.

    Place it in front of an open fire for pure luxury, display in the middle of a room for a visual statement or have it peeking out from under the dining table, lounge or bed for a more cool understated look.

    And we are not alone in our love – reportedly Jennifer Anniston, Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus all have had cowhide as part of the interior design of their homes.   Pretty good company we think.

    Go wild with Cowhide – see our range here

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