• Tips to Style A Trivet/Tray

    Tips to Style A Trivet/Tray

    We have recently taken shipment of our range of gorgeous Zakkia “dimple trays” and concrete trays which can also be used as trivets and this inspired us to give you a few tips on how you can style and use these gorgeous trays.

    On a coffee table or sideboard

    We love the look of a coffee table styled with a beautiful trivet or tray. The golden rule of styling is odd numbers. So, work in threes for styling trivets, as they’re not that big (I almost had a convulsion when I walked into a girlfriend’s house last week and she had 4 items on her trivet…. I think she thought I was mad!).  

    Trivets are great for grouping things – some ideas on things to group are a small vase of leaves or flowers, candles, succulent plant in little pot, small coloured vase or ornament, smaller little tray or dish. I have to say that live plants or fresh flowers/leaves add a lovely energy to a home – so these a always part of my trivet styling.

    The dimple trays are also perfect as a “place to put keys” so they don’t get lost – place the dimple tray on a hallway table accessed easily as you come and go from the car. The small dimple trays are also perfect for those coins that build up in men’s pockets – the coins are perfect when you need to run up the street to get milk or pay the kids their pocket money!

    In the bathroom

    Trivets or trays in the bathroom are really practical and look great too. Pop your soap dispenser on it with hand-cream and face-washer, or pop your perfume bottles in it, jewelry. They are a really nice styling idea in a guest bathroom too – many high end hotels use them well to pop all the guest goodies like the small shampoo and condition bottles etc… 

    So, we encourage you to discover the trivet or tray! Have a look at your coffee tables, side tables and your bathroom and see how you could better style them for both practicality and beauty. Have a bit of fun with them!

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