• Storage that adapts to your changing family

    Storage that adapts to your changing family

    Spring is the season for cleaning and decluttering, and for changing things up so your home feels fresh and revitalised for you and your family. One of the biggest problems when it comes to decluttering is finding a home for everything, which can often be made harder if you want stylish storage solutions for your kids’ toys, your linens, or even your good tableware.

    There is no reason your storage solutions can’t be attractive and also practical. The best pieces to invest in are those can be used in a variety of different ways and that are adaptable to the changing needs of your family.

    So here is a favourite piece of ours and some suggestions for how it can be used in different ways as your family gets older and your needs change.


    This stylish piece would fit in any living room and is easy to transform into practical storage for the kids’ toys. Add some woven baskets in colours that suit your style and fill them with Lego, cars and dolls. Choose some unique and fun bookends to separate colouring books and reading books. 



    As your family gets older the Legos and dolls might disappear, to be replaced by video games, board games and books. Inevitably, you will also accumulate cords, chargers and other electronic paraphernalia that is not only difficult to store but can also look ugly and messy. Repurpose the toy baskets, or invest in pieces that help you divide and organise games, cords and chargers. Your board games can look bright and colourful stacked behind the beautiful glass doors. 




    The kids have grown up and it’s time to utilise your storage for your own entertaining purposes. Whether it’s housing a collection of cookbooks, your beautiful platters or some gorgeous glassware, repurposing the cabinet that once held toys and games for entertaining will feel great. You can even upgrade your baskets, or else just use the ones you have to store your table linens and decorative pieces.

    When you’re decluttering this Spring, give some thought to your storage solutions and to finding a piece that can adapt and transition with you and your family over the years. Investing in a beautiful and stylish piece now could give you a lifetime of pleasure and practicality.

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