• Our Top 5 Tips for Styling a Master Bedroom

    Our Top 5 Tips for Styling a Master Bedroom


    TIP 1. - The Bed Is King Of The Room

    It is important to remember that the bed is the hero in a bedroom. Personally I’d recommend starting with buying the bed linen and trying to go for something neutral – that way you can use throw rugs and cushions to create the mood with colours and it makes it simple to change the look should you get sick of it. Take a look at our cushion range – perfect for adding colour and style to your bed.


    TIP 2. Style your bedside Tables

    Bedside tables are a must – they are both practical and help create the mood of a room. If you’re like me you tend to accumulate “stuff” on your bedside tables then look for a table that has draws or compartments for storage so you can keep the top tidy. A lovely lamp with soft light really help sets the mood – of course if you have 2 side tables – you’ll need matching lamps. Style your bedsides with a small vase of flowers, and some candles or little coloured bottles etc. Some small dimple trays are perfect for putting jewellery and can look quite pretty too. These Zakkia trays are a great option.

    TIP 3. Colour Pallet

    Generally speaking I would recommend a soft colour pallet for a master bedroom, they are meant to be a calm, relaxing and perhaps a romantic place – so calm colours would be my recommendation. I think it’s a good idea to think about what colours make you feel calm – often its blues and greens and/or pastel tones. Artwork is also important and worth putting some thought into. Again, choose something that you love and that will stand the test of time. Take a look at these His & Hers Bally Original Vintage Posters, they are a great option.

     TIP 4. - Occasional Chair

    A luxurious chair in the corner of your bedroom can really finish off the room. Something with a comfortable fabric that matches your current bedroom furniture or colourings. Maybe a luxurious leather chair, or a more classic armchair. Occasional chairs are both attractive and practical – and look lovely styled with a cushion to tie it in with the rest of your room. Take a look at our leather Tribeca Chair

     TIP 5. - Curtains That Compliment

    With curtains, again I’d recommend something neutral that means you can mix and match different colours and patterns of decorative pillows and throw rugs – curtains are something you might not change for 10 years (sometimes longer) – so beware of going with the latest patterned fad. A soft sheer fabric over the top of traditional curtains can look quite soft and romantic. Keep in mind how well they keep light out of the room too – Roman blinds are great for this.

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