• Our 6 Top Tips to Styling your Bathroom

    Our 6 Top Tips to Styling your Bathroom

    A bathroom is often the forgotten room of the house when it comes to styling. Yet it is one that’s actually quite easy to do. It is important to get a balance between looking good and practicality. There is often a lot of “stuff” in a bathroom that you use on a regular basis and you want to be able to access it easily when you’re rushing to get ready in the morning! So here’s a few tips to help you make your bathroom look great and be highly functional:

     Tip 1 – Clear out all your bathroom cupboards, shelves and draws of “stuff you haven’t used in last 6-12 months”. You’ll be surprised how much “stuff” you’ve accumulated.

    Tip 2 – Buy some storage containers, baskets, draw dividers and or trays to store items. If you’re like me, you’ll like a few items on the bench that you use every day, – so pop these on a little trivet so they stay neat and look nice. We have a lovely range perfect for this.


     Tip 3 – Add a sense of luxury with a nice soap bottle or set of soap and hand lotion – this again is great to pop upon a cement trivet or tray.

    Tip 4 - Add some greenery to your bathroom. Plants are very in and they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a small succulent on your shelf or a larger plant in a floor planter.   Plants bring a nice energy to any room. We have a selection of planters that may suit.

    Tip 5 - Nice towels – you need to have towels - so you may as well make them nice ones! Towels are perfect to pick the theme of your colour pallet – or continue on a theme from the master bedroom into the bathroom. I now buy 2 sets of the same towels so that I can always have the look I want with fresh towels.

    Tip 6 – Candles are a nice addition to your bathroom too. They are lovely to use when you have a bath to help relax with the lights off. They’re also nice to put on when guests come over to create an up-market restaurant feel to the bathroom. Check out our candle range here.

    Good luck with your bathroom styling project! We hope these tips will help inspire you to make your bathroom one of your favourite rooms in the house!

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