• Meet The Designers - About the Inoko Ladies!

    Meet The Designers - About the Inoko Ladies!

    When choosing a supplier for our candle range we were looking for something a little bit different.   There are so many companies that sell candles, and there are some beautiful products around. However, when we met the ladies from Inoko and saw their gorgeous products we were hooked! We wanted to share the Inoko story with you and introduce the founders Jenny & Liz. Here is their story in their words….. 

    I liken starting a business to having a child.  In 2014 Liz & I had a conversation about the whole project – and obviously we decided to go for it!

    The conception followed shortly after, which was a time of excitement for us as we began to hope and dream of what our baby would be like.

    The pregnancy stage was made up of frenzied planning and testing with ordering and budgeting.  It was a really enjoyable phase of the journey. During this time the name Purely Wicked was chosen.

    We started slowly with glass containers in a range of bright colours and exotic names that would stand out. We went out and bragged about our newborn to anyone who would listen, took on some stockists and soon realised that our baby was growing up fast.

    In infancy we took on a new direction, introducing the concept of refillable candles and ran with this idea in concrete, timber and marble vessels.   To see our baby develop over this period was exciting and rewarding. We were heading into the crawling phase and could see we needed some daycare to help us get through each day.  Purely Wicked interviewed, and finally decided upon Marketing Eye as our new carer.  They went right into action just as the toddler was getting out of control and needed some guidance.  In September 2016, Purely Wicked had outgrown its baby name and style, so with Lisa and her team at Marketing Eye, we renamed our toddler Inoko and rebranded her with new packaging.  Our baby had a whole new mojo.

    The launch in September was so well received. We left all our mistakes and teething issues behind at Purely Wicked and took Inoko into the terrible two’s. We gained over 100 stockists Australia wide,  with an ever growing following. 

    Currently we are still in the terrible twos, finding ourselves exhausted and budget-strained, but love who our baby is developing into. Milestones have been reached and exceeded, new developments are well underway, and great business relationships have been formed. 

    As any parent knows, mistakes are made, but none have been catastrophic and most have been easily overcome. 

    Inoko is growing quickly, as children do.  Inoko refillable candles and refillable diffusers have taken off and are keeping us busy. They are designed to be replaced at the end of their life, whilst the marble, timber and concrete vessels remain timeless and will last a lifetime.

    Our baby is nearly 3 and I know we are both looking forward to the growth and developments ahead of our baby Inoko.

    Inoko Australia brings you hand poured soy candles and diffuser oils in an array of luxury fragrances. Held in stunning marble, concrete or timber vessels, Inoko candle and diffuser refills are designed to be easily replaced as each one runs out, ensuring your timelessly beautiful vessel will last you a lifetime. 

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