• MEDIA RELEASE - Slim Aarons Photography Exhibiton Opening Night - Sofitel Melbourne On Collins

    MEDIA RELEASE - Slim Aarons Photography Exhibiton Opening Night - Sofitel Melbourne On Collins

    “Attractive People, doing Attractive Things, in Attractive Places”

    At Home Style Showcases the iconic images of famed photographer Slim Aarons

    At Home Style is sponsoring an exhibition of 15 of the most iconic images from the photography collection of Slim Aarons at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins from 4 December to 25 February.

    Slim Aarons is one of the most influential magazine photographers of his generation, who after a stint as a war photojournalist in World War 2, turned his attention to capturing images of “attractive people, doing attractive things in attractive places”.

    “We’re delighted to be showcasing the works of Slim Aarons. His images are a positive and iconic portrayal of luxury in a fashionable and intimate way,” says Angie Stumpf, Co-Director of At Home Style. “His photographs truly capture the quintessential modernist times of 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and still inspire designers, art directors and interior designers around the world.”

    AT Home Style’s Directors, Tamara Lloyd and Angie Stumpf co-ordinated the exhibition, painstakingly selecting each of the 15 photographs on show. They curated the images into three distinct themes – women, life on the water and 1970’s fashion - all of which they felt truly epitomise the Slim Aarons collection.

    “Our women collection includes a photograph of Marilyn Monroe, to the fashionably beautiful where you can see that Slim clearly loved women,” said Angie. While the “Life on the Water” collection of photos is of jet setters in their natural habitat of luxurious destinations such as Monte Carlo, Bermuda and Athens.”

    “Yet, the most famous images are in our 1970s fashion collection including Poolside Gossip and Desert House Party. They become the poster for Palm Springs living from the iconic setting of the Kaufman house, to the retro furniture of the Barcelona chair to the hip fashionable outfits of the people. The vibrant colour and the 70’s vibe of these Slim Aarons photograph truly bring a unique, fun and vibrant feel to the design of any room.”

    The exhibition was officially opened with a cocktail party on the evening of Wednesday 6 December at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins and will remain open to the general public until Sunday 25 February 2018.

    The photographs, all printed from the original negatives, are available for purchase directly from Sofitel concierge or via the At Home Style online store www.athomestyle.com.au.


    More information:             Angie Stumpf 0411 122 368,

    Tamara Lloyd 0408 585 319

    Special Thanks to Global Art Projects for facilitating the exhibition with Sofitel Melbourne on Collins.

    ABOUT AT HOME STYLE:   AT Home Style is an online homewares business run by partners Tamara Lloyd and Angie Stumpf.    The business sells stylish homewares as well as providing style consultations and workshops. Find out more via www.athomestyle.com.au

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