• Make Your Couch Sing with the right Cushions and Throws.

    Make Your Couch Sing with the right Cushions and Throws.

    I don’t know about you, but Ange & I LOVE cushions and throws (ok my obsession with cushions may exceed Ange’s). The very fact that you can change the whole look of a room by simply changing the cushions makes my heart sing!

    One of my colleagues recently told me her theory on couches and cushions and I think it is quite on point. Throw away the cushions that come with your couch (you know, the matching ones), and buy a couple of high quality cushions (the ones you’d never tell anyone how much you paid for) and then sprinkle with a few cheaper cushions that you won’t mind replacing when you want a fresh look.            

    Cushions an throws should in my opinion add colour and texture to a room.   My favorite colours are aqua’s and blues, but I don’t mind a splash of green and pink, so when you walk around my home you’ll see all these colours that I love and that make me happy. I seriously look at my cushions on my couch and they make me smile (maybe I need to see someone about this!).

    So, take a look at your couch, really stand back with a critical eye. Do you love the look – or are you over it? Are the cushions flat and lifeless? Has the colour faded? Do they make you happy when you look at them? If you’re not getting a positive vibe from them, it’s time to send them to the cushion cemetery (what? doesn’t everyone have one of these).

    When go to look for cushions don’t just settle for anything. Think about what colours you love and suit your home, think about textures and do you want feather inserts or are you happy with polyester? It may well depend upon the room you are shopping for. Your everyday couch will need harder wearing cushions, whilst your “good room” may warrant more delicate fabrics or better quality inserts. Don’t be frightened by colour or mix and matching patterns and textures – this is what gives a real wow factor.

    Of course, once you’ve chosen your cushions, make sure you get a throw rug that sets off the look. Think about whether the throw will be used regularly, or is it just there for it’s look. If you are going to use it then make sure the fabric feels beautiful – I’m always happy to spend money on a quality throw rug and natural fibers often cost a bit more, but feel beautiful.

    And, of course we have vast selection of cushions and throws so checkout our range for some inspiration!

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