• London Clock Co. - Timeless Style we LOVE!

    London Clock Co. - Timeless Style we LOVE!

    I'll be completely honest with you..... I never really thought I'd be "In Love with a Clock".  But it appears...life has surprised me again!I think it started when Angie and I went on the search for a clock range that we would be proud to sell and consider hanging in our own homes.   We honestly struggled to find clocks that were beautiful, functional and of a high quality.  But, eventually as it so happens in life we found love..... we found London Clock Co. clocks!

    We both are particularly partial to the clocks with timber accents which you will see dominate our range of clocks. I now own two London Clock Co. Clocks - one for my office and one in my kitchen (both happen to be the Timber Skog 50cm wall clock)

    Since 1922, three generations of family have grown the business from its humble beginnings to the unmistakable UK designed brand that it is today.

    From the very beginning, the emphasis has always been on design, quality and craftsmanship; with the founders themselves involved in concept, production and assembly, ensuring everything matched their exacting standards.

    This tradition is instilled today with family members heading the company and involved in all aspects of the business.    To view our collection of London Clocks Click Here

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