• How To Style A Room - Our Top 3 Tips

    How To Style A Room - Our Top 3 Tips

    When Ange and I work with clients to style a room or their home, it’s the little things that clients say they just can’t put together. They may have done a really fantastic job of renovating or refurbishing but they just don’t know how to finish the look off. If you watch The Block, you’ll also hear the judges constantly talking about how a room has been styled… .it’s not just about the renovation – its about what and how they’ve styled it!

    So, we thought we’d give you a few tips on how to put the finishing touches on a room.

    TIP 1 - Pick the WOW Piece – One of the things we love to do when starting to style a room is finding the “IT” piece to work around… this can start with anything – but it needs to be something you LOVE. Often it might be a piece of art or a print, however it may also be something as simple as a cushion that you absolutely love. Usually one of the reasons you LOVE whatever it is, is because you love the colour/s or the style. Once you’ve found that “IT” piece you can slowly build the room around it by adding to the room as you find suitable pieces. In my latest room refurbishment I have started with a bright blue velvet couch I fell madly and deeply in love with and have built the room around this – it’s now called the “Blue Room”. As we’ve said before, this is not rush to the finish line either… slow and steady wins the race.

    TIP 2 - Bring some life to a room with some plant life or fresh flowers. I’ve always loved having fresh flowers/leaves in my home, even if they are just simple cuttings from my garden popped into small milk bottle jars or mini vases – they don’t need to cost a fortune. Succulents in a terrarium or little pots are also a great way to bring greenery in, and then the next level is some larger planters for your floor or hanging planters with something more substantial in it. Living plants and flowers bring a fresh energy to a room or a home, plus they look fantastic.

    TIP 3 - Group things – the final tip is to group a few things together. Groups of 3 is a good idea – it keeps it simple and odd number of items is the golden rule to make things look good. Grouping things together is perfect for all manner of places including coffee tables, side tables, bedside tables, outdoor tables etc.  Styling bathrooms is also a great place to group things. You may also want to check out our style bundles where we have done a lot of the hard work for you!  Some suggestions of items you can group and mix and match include:

    • Flowers in a bud vase

    • Succulents in a little pot

    • Candles (even just grouping 3 or 5 candles together can look great)

    • A Trivet or tray to pop your items on

    • Little trinkets you love

    • Coloured little vases or items can add the extra pop of colour you need to bring a room together

    • Books

    • Shells

    • Photoframes

    So, get creative. Remember to try and stick to buying things your really love – they don’t need to be expensive – but it’s nice to have a few things around your home that have meaning too. For example you may have trinkets or artwork from a holiday or it’s something given to you by someone special. Have fun!


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