• How To Present & Style Your Home For Sale

    How To Present & Style Your Home For Sale

    You only get one chance to make a first impression when selling your home or investment property, and only one chance to maximise your sale price. 

    Having worked in the real estate industry for almost 20 years, I know a think or two about styling houses for sale. Above are some photos of properties I've sold in various price brackets that the owners & I  have spent time syling or had professionally styled.   When presenting your property you should focus on making it feel light and bright, welcoming and depersonalise it somewhat so that a potential buyer can envisage themselves living their not you.    Some of the basics which you should follow are:

    1. Ensure the property is scrubbed clean from top to toe inside and out
    2. Put vanilla candles in the home to make sure any pet smells or cooking smells are overcome (make sure house smells good when people walk in, every house has a “smell”)
    3. Ensure gardens are tidy and grass is kept mow
    4. Touch up paint where necessary or paint walls if badly scuffed
    5. Ideally paintwork should be fairly neutral
    6. Declutter the house – you have to pack anyway, pack your nick nacks away before the home goes on the market
    7. “Dress” your property for sale!   If necessary you can hire furniture, bedlinen, paintings & feature pieces so it looks “amazing” and creates a WOW factor when people walk in (& when it’s photographed).
    8. Cushions and throw rugs can really make a big difference to a bedroom or lounge.  These are relatively inexpensive to buy and you can take them to your new place.  We have a whole Blog on choosing Cushions – so maybe have a read of this if you’re not sure.  We have a huge selection of cushions and throw rugs – all of which you can mix and match to create different looks and feels.
    9. Remove family photographs – you want buyers imagining their family living in the home, not yours.  Photo’s can be very distracting.
    10. Never sell a property vacant – always furnish it!  You will ad $10,000 plus to your sale price in my experience & it will sell a lot quicker too.
    Think about this….. What’s more important?  Spending less now, or having more in your pocket once the property is sold?  I know what I’d want!  So, put in some work and thought to how you present your property and reap the rewards!  Happy Selling!  Tamara
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