• How to choose the perfect artwork for your home

    How to choose the perfect artwork for your home

    Unless you’re an avid art collector or an aficionado, choosing the right artwork can be one of the most difficult decisions to make when you’re styling or decorating your home. We get so caught up in what others might think of a piece, whether it is on trend or whether it is even art at all that it can sometimes seem easier to just give up.

    But we don’t think that choosing the right art for your home should be such an agonising process. So we’ve compiled a list of a few key things you should think about when choosing a piece, especially if you are adding it to a furnished room. Keeping these priorities in mind will make selecting the piece that’s right for you and your space so much easier.


    Size does matter, at least when it comes to art. An oversized piece can make a space seem smaller and a small piece can look ridiculous in a large room. In general, we recommend following a ¾ rule. For example, if a piece is hanging above your couch you can take up to ¾ of the space above it, but no more. You may choose small pieces that take up to half the space or a single large piece that makes a statement. That’s up to you. But we wouldn’t recommend going over that ¾ mark too often. 


    If you are starting with a blank slate, then just go for it! Choose colours that you love, and that soothe and inspire you. If you’re adding a piece to an already furnished room, pick a few colours that already exist in your space and find a piece of art that highlights or touches on these. Of course if you can’t find anything to match your existing colour scheme, then black and white is forever a classic, especially when it comes to photographic prints. 


    Too low, too high, too much to the right, too narrow a space, too much to the left – there are unfortunately many ways to get the placement of a key piece wrong. Our recommendation? Cut out the size and shape of your artwork on a piece of paper and take the time to find the perfect position for it. That way you know that not only have you chosen the perfect piece but it is also perfectly placed.


    There are so many different styles to choose from it can be overwhelming. Find something that suits your home’s general look. If you have modern furniture, go towards modern art, art deco or even black and white photos. Boho chic more your style? Then whimsical portraits, feathers or even a David Bromley would be perfect. Maybe you have a more retro style or a classic home, in which case Slim Aarons prints or retro posters would work well.

    Our last tip – but also the most important – is to ask yourself, do you like the piece? When it comes to art, in the end it always comes down to your own personal taste and preferences. This is why, not only do we stock a wide range of pieces online and in store, but we also have access to a variety of catalogues, sizes, price ranges and framing options; including various colours and bespoke frames. Afterall, some people love modern art, whereas others are drawn to more classical pieces. Choose something that will fit in the space you have, both in terms of size and stylistically, but above all choose something that sparks joy, because you’re likely to be looking at it for a very long time!

    Our artwork starts from $175, which includes professional framing and delivery.

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