• Feel Brand New, Get That Spring Clean Feeling!

    Feel Brand New, Get That Spring Clean Feeling!

    Ahhhh, how exciting….. Spring Is Here!!! I’ll be even more excited when the warm weather finally hits Melbourne – but the fact I can say “it’s Spring” puts a spring in my step!

     So, it’s got me thinking…..how I can make my house feel fresh and new and bring in the sunshine vibes? De-cluttering is the answer to my spring happiness! Each weekend over the next month I’m going to give myself a small little project (Iet’s face it I don’t want to spend all weekend with my head in the cupboards) – a task that can be wrapped up within an hour!

     If you’re interested in doing the same – here are my top tips to De-cluttering for Spring

    1. Focus on 1 room or area at a time

    In my experience this is the best way to do it. If you do a little bit of each room you don’t seem to get anywhere and you cannot see the improvements, so you’re likely not to finish what you started. Do one room at a time – even if it takes you a few days or weeks.

    2. Don’t be frightened to throw things out or recycle

    If you haven’t used it in 12 months, then it’s likely it will not be used or worn again! So, chuck it or give it to a friend or charity that will use or wear it.

    3. Buy some storage containers or baskets, and use a labeler where appropriate

    Either before you start or once you get started work out what storage you need to help keep things in that room organised. It could be baskets to put belts and scarves in, a divided up jewelry box to store all your jewels, or folders to pop your paperwork. Without proper storage containers or plenty of cupboards you will not be able to be properly organized. A labeler is also a good investment – perfect in the kid’s rooms to organize baskets of toys or in the pantry and study.

    4. Get draw dividers and organisers that are flexible in their set up.

    There is nothing like a tidy draw to put a smile on your face – this is not my strong point though…. If you get some flexible draw dividers you can change them to fit the size of items going in your draws such as make up, candles, utensils etc. and you can easily see what is what and where it is.

    5. Set a Timeframe

    Ideally set a time frame for finishing the room or area. Whether you do it all in one day, or over a few weeks. I find this helps me to get it done and not put it off!

    6. Get a Friend to help

    Sometimes it can be a good idea to get a friend to pop in and help with some advice on what to keep and what to throw out – particularly when it comes to your wardrobe. You need someone that will be brutally honest. I’m waiting for Ange to help me with my wardrobe cull (hint, hint Ange). 

    Hopefully this will help you get started and have a successful de-clutter of your home.


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