• Creating a Welcoming Entry to Your Home

    Creating a Welcoming Entry to Your Home

    You only have one chance to create a first impression – so it’s worth putting some effort into the entrance of your home! And no, it doesn’t start when you open the door – its starts from your footpath!  

    My suggestion is go over the other side of the road and have a look at your house with fresh eyes. What do you see?   You don’t need to spend a fortune on landscaping – quite often it’s just tidying up what you already have. Weeding, fresh mulch, trimming of shrubs, paths weeded and lawns edged & mown.

    Once that’s sorted - make sure the front porch and front door is neat and tidy. Whether you need to give them a coat of paint, or just a sweep, clean and de-cobweb, make your porch area shine!

    I also think that a couple of pots at the front door with foliage or flowers will make a really positive impact to you and your guests.

    Then, finally you open the front door – will you and your friends say WOW and love what you see? Or, do you open the door and get hit by the smell of dog, trip over shoes and see the badly scuffed walls as you walk down the dusty hallway?

    Well, where to start? Get the basics right… if the hallway needs a freshen up give it a coat of paint. From here I’ve put some ideas that might help you to get a fresh vision for your entry. You most likely won’t need to do all these things – but a combination of a few should give your entry the WOW factor it deserves!

    1. Consider a floor rug to give the area a warmer feel – particularly if the flooring is tiles or floorboards.

    2. Good lighting is important. The addition of a lamp, a new lampshade or chandelier, or simply a few more down lights can make a huge positive impact.

    3. A hall or console table can be a fantastic addition to an entry. It is both functional and can be beautifully styled to create a special look.

    4. Pop a vase of flowers or a plant in the area.  Greenery is a great way to add positive energy to a room

    5. Dress your console table with a lamp, candles, trivets, and flowers or a plant.

    6. Adding a mirror can make your hallway or entry feel bigger and is also handy to check your look before you walk out the door!  Alternatively some artwork you love can really help your hallway pop and help hint at your style!

    Hopefully this has given you some inspiration to give your entry a really positive feel and bring the WOW factor to your home. We’d love to see some photos of your entry hall and how great it looks, so feel free to send us some pictures once you’ve spruced it up!



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