• Bring The Dinner Party Back! Part 3

    Bring The Dinner Party Back!  Part 3

    To finish off on our 3 part Blog on “Bringing Back the Dinner Party” here are some final little tips that will help make your night a great success and one that everyone will be talking about for months to come:

    1. Have background music sorted before guests arrive and if your night is likely to turn into a nightclub later on – have some fun playlists planned.
    2. Ensure you have plenty of room for drinks and get drinks on ice about 1 hour before everyone arrives if not enough room in fridge – remember guests will likely bring drinks too.
    3. Make sure the dishwasher empty – this will make things easier for you later in the night.
    4. Ensure lights/lamps on inside and out so there is a nice ambiance. Light candles before guests arrive.
    5. Most people bring wine they’d like to drink – so don’t open the cheap stuff and keep their wine. Always offer to open their wine/champagne.
    6. Introduce everyone and mingle – this is best done standing up when people arrive – can be awkward if everyone sitting at the start.
    7. Dress like you’re going out
    8. Keep guests topped up with drinks and have non alcoholics options
    9. Plan to have your preparation done an hour at least before everyone arrives – this way you will be calm when they arrive.
    10. Have nibbles on arrival and have dinner ready at a reasonable hour.

    We hope these tips are useful and help take the stress out of your dinner party leading up to and on the night!

    It’s important that you have fun too – so be organised, write things down and then you won’t forget things!



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