• Bring The Dinner Party Back! Part 2

    Bring The Dinner Party Back!  Part 2

    Continuing on from last weeks Blog Post... we are determined to bringing the "Dinner Party" back!  They are fun and a great excuse to get dressed up, and extend your culinary skills - in saying that the night doesn't need to be stressful!  So, here are the next 3 tips...

    4. Where possible organise as many things the day before the dinner party.  Things like buying flowers, check enough cutlery and glassware, set the table including flowers, candles, placecards if you want.  If possible even get the house cleaned as much as possible the night before.  That way you won't be feeling overwhelmed with what you have to do on the day.

    5. Plan the day of the dinner party.  What I mean by this is write a list of everything you have to do - work out approximately how long it will take you and then plan out what you are doing when:

    ie.  10am Grocery Shopping

          11:30am Tidy house & put wine in fridge

          12:30pm Peel prawns

           1:15pm Make desert

    It might be detailed but it does give you a sense of control so you're not running around panicking half the day.  Also gives you an idea of how you are going for time.

    6. Plan out times for organising food and serving & if needed set alarms on your phone.  Do this list in combination of your dinner menu - make sure you dont forget to note side dishes or sauces that need to be cooked or heated up etc. I  know after a few drinks I tend to get so involved in conversation I can easily forget to put the potatoes on or miss a side dish completely if it's not written down!   Here's an example:

    6:30pm - Put roast in oven

    6:45pm Prepare cheese and meat platter

    7pm Guests arrive

    7pm Put potatoes in oven

    7:30pm Start plating up entree

    7:45pm Serve entree

    8:15pm Put veggies on

    8:30pm Serve up mains

    9pm - Put desert in oven

    etc etc....

    I hope this helps... we will finish up our top tips to hosting a Dinner Party next week!





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