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We'd like to bring the Formal Dinner Party Back! In fact it's one of our missions. It's not something that you would do every weekend, but a good old fashioned dinner party is a lot of fun (if you are organised) and we look forward to bringing you some tips over the coming weeks to hopefully inspire you! Our first 3 TIPS to getting organised are:

1. Work out who you'd like to attend (your table will only seat so many people so keep this in mind). There might be a couple of key people you'd like there so you might co-ordinate a date with them & then invite the others. Keep in mind the mix of personalities to ensure you get the right mix to make it a fun and successful night.

2. Once you have confirmation of attendees (they need to confirm with you) - check if there is any food allergies or vegetarians etc... little awkward if you serve up a steak to a vegetarian.

3. Start planning your menu - ideally a week or 2 out from the big night. It's important that you've made the recipes before - so if there is anything new you'd like to cook - try it out ahead of time! We'd recommend that you plan items that don't require heaps of effort on the night - afterall you want to enjoy your night too and not spend all night in the kitchen - so things that can be mainly pre prepared and then popped in the oven or heated up with minimal of fuss are perfect! A cheese and meat platter on arrival is a simple way to ensure guests aren't starving before entre is served! Or a cheese and meat and antipasto platter is an option as an a entree if significant enough!

We will continue tips in the coming weeks.....


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