• Basic Table Decorating Ideas for a Dinner Party

    Basic Table Decorating Ideas for a Dinner Party

    If you’re like me on occasion you like to invite some friends and family over for a home cooked meal. There is nothing like all sitting around a dining table eating, drinking, talking and laughing and not being rushed out by the restaurant as the last guests. 

    Some of these dinners are very casual, and you’re lucky to set the table… it’s grab your own cutlery – it’s on the kitchen bench and find a seat. Other times you want to go to a bit more effort…

    I have to say I enjoy setting the table for Christmas or a special dinner and making it look really beautiful. Often I don’t have a huge amount of time, or I have just thought at the last minute that I want to go to a bit more effort than usual. So here are some idea’s and tips for you. You don’t have to incorporate them all – sometimes less is more.

    1. Flowers are a beautiful addition to a dining table – I always have at least 3 bud vases in my cupboard and by simply placing a small arrangement of flowers in them and popping them down the middle of your table it can really liven up the look. Or use one or two larger vases for a different look.

    2. Candles are a must! I have a few different styles of candelabras and candleholders – from the tall and fancy (great for Christmas) to the small and simple. You can pop them in between little vases or cluster a few smaller candles together on a trivet or tray.

    3. For a more formal event you may want to invest in a quality white tablecloth that fits your biggest table. You might only use it once or twice per year but it will save you borrowing one from the mother-in-law like I do every Christmas!

    4. For a more festive event I sometimes get little stars and sprinkle on the table (kids love them, but not so fun to clean up). Baubles are great for Christmas tables. You can pop them in a vase or tie them with ribbon around your serviettes – simply yet effective!

    5. Placemats and table runners are also a good way to add colour or effect to a dining table. I have a few different tablemats in various colours and if I don’t have enough of one colour I interchange them with one another.

    I hope this gives you a little inspiration and ideas on how you can simply and quickly liven up your dining table!  Happy Entertaining!!

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