• 6 Ways to Lift Up Your Home Style in 2019

    6 Ways to Lift Up Your Home Style in 2019

    Article By Guest Editor: Chloe Taylor

    With the new year comes the new you, but don’t forget to think of your home, too. Bringing your home to life is not going to be that tricky. This year be prepared to mix some new and exciting trends with old, yet enchanting looks, and give your home infinitely charming and stylish look it deserves. Here are some ideas on how you can improve your home environment with the latest trending assets of 2019.

    Natural Shapes

    Trends in architecture are turning from minimalistic pointy geometrics to more organic, round shapes. You’ll surely encounter more and more curved, natural-looking furniture in 2019. Not only does it give the impression of a more comfortable environment, but it also reminds us of the fact that nature has no corners. A curvy piece of furniture can be a great choice for one of the focal points of your home

    Goodbye to Minimalism

    With pastel colors and tight corners out of the way, 2019 is preparing to send minimalism to the past and embrace a more chic, colorful, and print-mixing atmosphere. With sliding away from geometrical shapes, more artisanal and boutique trends are coming in. Some companies tend to create unique hand-made imperfect furniture that gives an exquisite and unordinary look to your home.

    Designers predict that maximalist interiors full of bold colors, copious patterns, and rich textures are going mainstream this year. Interior design is going outside minimalistic borders and becoming more and more daring. Be sure to participate in this exciting experiment by filling your home with bright and colorful details.

    Terrazzo is Back

    Terrazzo is the no. 1 trending interior design trend of 2019. You don’t even need to look for it – it’s everywhere! You can find terrazzo coffee tables, side tables, tiles, and many other interior details that add to a refreshing and artsy look of your home. With being both vintage and modern, terrazzo is a great choice for a stylish home.

    Green is the New Black

    The 2019 interior design trends are turning over to more natural bright colors, taking pastel to the past. The enthusiasm for green is escalating quickly, ranging through all kinds of prints and materials. Green has a calming and thought-provoking effect, plus it reminds us to protect and nurture our environment. The use of green on furniture and walls goes magically well with natural materials we're embracing. Art Deco is coming back in style.

    A Luxury Spa

    Every now and then, each one of us wishes to come home to a bubble bath. Instead of waiting for the water to fill the tub and then rushing into it before the water gets cold, think about installing a gorgeous outdoor spa pool in your home. Built-in spas are made with soothing jets positioned to target acupressure points and relieve tired muscles. Not only does this bath have a therapeutic effect, but it can help your body heal, as well. One of these Built-in spas might be just the one thing you need for stress relief.

     Patio Decor 

    Take some rusty old tables, chairs or pots and redesign them to fresh up your patio look with vintage details – a trending DIY this season! You can implement arbors or trellises that can make amazing changes to your patio design. Colorful flowers in rusty, recolored pots are an adorable and creative way to make new use of things you would have   otherwise thrown away.Make sure not to copy what you see in interior design magazines with the idea like “I want a room just like that one”. Every home should have its own special vibe that makes it different from all the others, which is a matter of details. Be free to show your uniqueness through your home environment and make it a place everyone enjoys visiting.

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