• 5 Top Tips To Choosing Cushions

    5 Top Tips To Choosing Cushions

    It’s not an easy task but with our guide you will be mixing and matching

    cushions like an interior design pro.

    Okay we have a confession…here at AT Home Style we have a slight cushion obsession.

    And why wouldn’t we?

    They are totally the necklace of the interior design world.

    Just like a necklace with an outfit – cushions are a simple accessory that will bring personality and life to a tired space.  

    But there’s a catch (yes there’s always a catch!) you’ve got to know how to choose your cushions well.

    And with an abundance of amazing cushions on the market this can be a completely mammoth task.

    But fear not – AT HOME STYLE HELP IS AT HAND – here’s our top five tips to mixing and matching cushions.


    Deciding on the colours is the first - and perhaps the more important - aspect when it comes to choosing cushions.

    But it can be pretty simple.

    First step – if your couch comes with cushions in the same fabric – throw them out.

    To bring harmony to your room you need to pick complementary colours that are within the existing palette of your space AND are in contrast with your couch (or bed linen or outdoor setting etc).

    Get colour inspiration from your artwork, vases, rugs, curtains– or for outdoors cushions - your garden.

    Our top tip is to have a colour swatch on hand (you can pick them up from your local paint shop or search online) to identify colour families and contrasting colours.

    We suggest keeping your selection to a maximum of two to three main colours.


    Cushions don’t just come in different colours there are also an array of patterns – floral, stripy, geometric and many a motif.

    But don’t let this daunt you as the right mix of patterns and textures can really deliver an extra oomph to your selection.

    We recommend picking a theme – modern geometric shapes, animal prints, nautical, tribal – and make your selection in line with your colour palette you chose in step one.

    You don’t need to be too finicky when mixing and matching colours and patterns essentially the cushions only need one matching colour to make it work.


    Just like patterns, mixing up the textures of your cushions can add a real visual and sensory effect to the design of your room.

    So have some fun – choose a combination of textures from silk to velvet, fur to leather and cable knit to hessian –just remember to stick with the colour scheme you have chosen.


    When it comes to cushions – we love all shapes and sizes!

    But when selecting cushion size you need to be both realistic and practical.

    Too big and your couch is dwarfed…too small and they make little impact.

    Take into consideration the size of furniture – couch, chair or bed – and choose accordingly.

    The standard size for couches are between 16-18”and are workable, oversize cushions will bring a comfy loungey appeal, and single smaller cushions are best for chairs (otherwise you will spend your time removing the cushion each time you sit!).

    As for cushion shapes – a mix of square, rectangle, round – will really bring some personality to your room.


    When arranging cushions – we recommend working with odd numbers as it gives a less formal and relaxed vibe.

    For chairs – select one cushions, for couches or beds three to five.  

    When arranging the cushions a good method to follow is the 2:2:1 ratio – two lots of matching cushions (interspersed at each end) and an individual one artfully arranged in the middle.


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