• 5 Tips for Choosing Homewares as Gifts this Christmas

    5 Tips for Choosing Homewares as Gifts this Christmas

    It’s a month until Christmas and if you haven’t started your shopping, now is the time. With so many of us spending extended amounts of time at home this year, gifts for beautifying and styling homes are high on many people’s Christmas wish lists. But how do you ensure you buy appropriately for the preferred style of that special person in your life, to avoid post-Christmas returns and awkward, lukewarm ‘Oh, I really like it’ statements on Christmas morning?

    Here are our five top tips for choosing the right style of gift for even the most particular giftee. 

    What colours do they like?

    Look around their house or, if you aren’t visiting anytime soon, think back to the particular colours you’ve seen in their spaces or even seen them wearing frequently. Look for complementary colours, but don’t go for anything too outlandish. It’s better to stay within the spectrum of safe hues like greens, blues and neutral tones than going for glitter, sparkles and glow-in-the-dark neons … unless you know for sure they’ll love it!

    Stay with classics

    Can’t decide on a piece of art or a cushion to give? Stick with a more classic type of gift that is sure to please. For example, a platter or tray is likely to be very happily received by the entertainer in your family, while a neutral-toned throw will suit the movie buff and a planter will always be welcomed by that green-thumbed relative.

    Take a photo 

    Really hesitant to choose, or maybe you can’t tell fuchsia from magenta or teal from turquoise? Never fear, we’re here! Take a photo of the wall space, couch, colour combinations and room that you’re looking to buy for, and we can help you out from there. 

    Stalk their socials

     Social media is a great help when it comes to choosing Christmas gifts, whether it’s clothing, jewellery, homewares or furniture. Take a good look at the people and styles your intended recipient follows and likes across their social media – this will give you valuable insight into their preferred style. You can even show us some of the accounts when you come into the store and we can help you out.

    Buy a voucher

    When in doubt, the best option is often the simplest. Everyone loves a gift voucher, whether you just choose an amount or prefer to specify that it be used for a specific item, like a piece of art or even a style consultation with us. A voucher guarantees no awkward Christmas mornings and no need for post-Christmas returns.

    We are here to help – online and in person at the store – with all your needs and concerns and to help you choose a gift that’s sure to complement your loved one’s style.

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