• 2020 At Home Style trends

    New styles for 2020

    It’s a new year and for many of us it’s a time of change, whether that involves starting a new job, moving to a new city or town, or settling into a new home. But even if you’re not making a significant move, it’s also a great time to upgrade or redecorate your existing house, or even just to add a couple of new pieces to update a room.

    However big or small the changes you’re making, here are some trends we think will be popular this year.


    This enduring style will continue to be popular in 2020. To embrace this look you don’t have to go full-on boho – a few simple touches will help you give your home an eclectic and vibrant touch. For example, try a print or textured wall piece, or some fun bohemian-style cushions.

     Earth tones

    Warm browns, tans, taupes and oranges are going to be incredibly popular this year. These earthy, neutral tones help to bring warmth to a room or space. Add these natural colours via rugs or cushions, or even to your walls with paint.


    Textures can add style and personality to your room and home. This year will see textures move beyond soft furnishings to become an important feature of larger furniture pieces, wall décor and even wall finishes.

    Natural accents 

    Plants have always been on trend but 2020 will see an appreciation of nature expand to include other elements. Decorative pieces made from natural wood, stone finishes, natural flooring and even unfinished walls that bring the outside into your home are all great options for embracing this trend.

    Vintage touches 

    Everything old becoming new again isn’t a fresh development but 2020 will see all the trendsetters adding touches of vintage to their spaces. Maybe you have a piece you inherited that’s been in storage for years or a gorgeous old book that would make the perfect statement piece for your coffee table. Finding some vintage prints or photos is another easy way to bring this style into your home without changing too much.

    Trends come and go but we think these ones are going to stick around for a good while and are therefore worth investing in. Whether you start small or go big is up to you but either way, head over to our store in Ringwood or jump online to see some pieces that will help your bring the style you love to life.


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    Angie x

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