David Bromley is an Australian artist who emerged as a painter in the mid 1980’s and is currently one of the most successful and innovative painters working in Australia.   He began his career in Adelaide as a potter, but is now best known for his painting and sculpture, in particular his portraits, and his paintings of children, birds, butterflies and female nudes.   In his art he has managed to combine a distinctive Pop sensibility – a love of found images, photographic sources and mass media references – with an inventive relish for the effects of paint. Bromley infuses his colourful works of birds and butterflies with a painterly style and unexpected metallic backdrops in gold and silver leaf.


Bromley is also increasingly in demand as a portraitist. He has been a finalist four times in the Archibald Prize and the painter of some famous visages, including filmmaker Scott Hicks, actor Hugo Weaving and pop-star Kylie Minogue. Displaying an extraordinary artistic energy he has experimented with a wide variety of different media – printmaking, ceramic, sculpture and, recently, film, furniture, fashion and interiors. Despite his mastery and acclaim, the prices of David’s artwork ensures art lovers of all walks of life can display his work in their homes with our limited edition prints.

In the portrait series, Bromley explores the female form. His paintings are predominately provocative or demure, featuring life-size poses of models from fashion and film.

In the children based work, the presence of the joy and innocence of childhood are evident. The compositions are reminiscent of bygone days, filled with imagery of toys, pets and adventure.

David’s artworks, including his painting and prints, are now for sale on our online store. The prices are exceptional for his talent and prestige as an Australian artist.


We have selected some of our favourite prints and paintings from Bromely’s collection covering female nudes, butterflies and children, and they are currently for sale to the public at wonderful prices.  If you are considering purchasing one of David Bromely’s artworks and you have any questions please feel welcome to give Angie a call on 0411 122 368.

 David Bromely with wife Yuke 

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